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Best GoPro In 2022

To find the best GoPro available, we researched the company’s product line and analysed the factors that make an action camera great, including image quality, video stabilisation capabilities, battery life, and overall ruggedness. Depending on the situations you want to use your GoPro in, and taking into account factors such as whether or not your GoPro is waterproof and whether the camera can handle the rough jerkiness of a mountain trail, the perfect option for you may differ. But don’t worry, we’ve taken the time to explore all the options to bring you the best.

In our research, we found the GoPro Hero5 Black to be the best GoPro. Despite being a few generations behind the current release, the Hero5 Black offers excellent 4K Ultra HD video recording and a waterproof construction that can handle harsh environments. The Hero5 also comes in at a great price, making it stand out from the competition. If you’re looking for the best GoPro, the Hero5 Black is our top pick. Read on to learn more about the best GoPro and which option is best for you.

Top 5 Best GoPro Camera

#1 GoPro Hero5 Black

The GoPro Hero5 delivers stunning 4K Ultra HD video recording in a rugged housing that can withstand your next big adventure, all at a price that makes it hard to resist and what it can do to beat newer models.


  • 4K Ultra HD.
  • Waterproof to a depth of 10 metres
  • Great value for money?


  • 4K recording is limited to 60 frames per second, and new GoPro Mods are not supported.

GoPro Hero5 Black isn’t the newest option in the GoPro arsenal, but it remains our favourite thanks to its strong technical capabilities and staggeringly low price. Capable of recording in 4K Ultra HD just like newer models, the Hero5 Black captures excellent quality video at the touch of a button. Do you want to take a picture? The Hero5 can shoot 12 MP photos in both single-shot, burst, and time-lapse modes. If you’re planning to go underwater, you won’t need any additional accessories either, as the Hero5 Black has a waterproof housing up to 10 meters. Plus, you get a tonne of extras, including built-in Wi-Fi and GPS, touchscreen control and editing, loop recording, time-lapse photo capture, and voice control that lets you simply say your commands to the camera to get your hands on it for free.

The Hero5 Black comes with a few mounts in the box, making it easy to get started shooting your next adventure. We wish the Hero5 had the ability to record 4K at 60fps. It’s limited to 30fps instead, but the performance shouldn’t be underestimated. Don’t pick up this camera if you’re interested in GoPro’s new mods, as they’re only available on the newer GoPro Hero 8 Black, although that comes at a much higher price. The GoPro Hero5 Black’s excellent value makes it one of the best GoPro options for kids. Speaking of kids, if you like to capture your kids’ sporting events on camera with great quality, check out our best action camera guide.

 #2 GoPro Hero8 Black

The latest GoPro Hero8 Black isn’t cheap, but it’s packed with GoPro’s latest technology, including a camera with enhanced HDR capabilities, a new LiveBurst mode, and a 4K 60fps video mode.


  • Records smooth 60-fps video.
  • Never miss a shot with LiveBurst.
  • Modular with GoPro Mods


  • Expensive in comparison

The GoPro Hero8 Black is the company’s best action camera, delivering super-smooth 4K Ultra HD video thanks to the ability to record at 60 fps and stabilise video with a technology GoPro calls HyperSmooth 2.0. Whether you’re on a mountain bike or skiing down a slope, your video will look sharp without bumping and shaking. When you switch to photo mode, you can take 12 MP HDR photos. You can even choose to do so in GoPro’s new LiveBurst mode, which captures the action a bit before and after you press the shutter, so you can go back and pick the perfect shot.

We also love GoPro’s new Mods for the Hero8 Black, which make it easy to set up a light or microphone with a click. The Hero8 Black is hands down the best GoPro for a family vacation, so you can capture the best memories. In addition, the Hero8 is the only GoPro with Night Lapse video, making it the best GoPro in low light. Our only wish is that the Hero8 Black was a bit more affordable, as it stands quite high at its current price tag, which is the main reason we chose the Hero5 Black for our top pick.

 #2   GoPro Hero7 Black?

With the GoPro Hero7 Black, you don’t have to run around buying aftermarket accessories; this excellent bundle includes extra batteries and extra storage, so you can get started right away.


  • Includes a large 64GB SD card.
  • It comes with two extra batteries.
  • It has the greatest number of Hero8 capabilities.


  • Live streams are only 720p.

If you’re eyeing the GoPro Hero8 Black for all its great features, you might want to step back and check out the Hero7 Black too. The previous generation, the Hero7, offers most of the features of the Hero8 Black, but at a lower price. The GoPro Hero7 Black also uses the voice command option to speak commands such as “take a photo or video”. Best of all, the Hero7 bundle includes a 64GB SD card and two extra batteries to get you started-you won’t run out of storage space on your next adventure!

While a few features are missing from the Hero8, such as the aforementioned LiveBurst capability, new GoPro Mods (some of the best GoPro accessories) and an improved HDR mode, the Hero7 Black still shines brightly. However, we wish the Livestream mode to share content with family and friends could broadcast in full HD. On the Hero7, it is limited to 720p.

 #4 GoPro Hero5

GoPro is known as a relatively expensive brand, making it unattainable for some people. However, the Hero5 Session breaks that stereotype and offers an excellent GoPro at an even better price.


  • Easy-to-use recording function
  • It includes mounting accessories in the box.
  • Cons of GoPro Design
  • There is no built-in viewing screen.


  • No longer for sale via GoPro

If you’ve been dreaming of a GoPro action camera but couldn’t afford the hefty price tag, the GoPro Hero5 Session might just be the camera for you. An excellent little GoPro (seriously, it’s the smallest we’ve seen), the Hero5 Session offers excellent 4K video recording and built-in digital video stabilization. The camera is incredibly easy to use thanks to its one-touch start/stop shooting function. We also love the included mounting accessories in the box, so you don’t have to make a new purchase.

We wish the Hero5 session offered a built-in screen for real-time video surveillance, but for those who just want to record and go, it’s still an excellent option. In addition, GoPro no longer sells the Hero5 Session through its site, but it can still be easily found at other online retailers.

#5 GoPro Max

The Max is GoPro’s first camera that can record 360-degree video with its set of two cameras and two microphones. This allows you to capture the whole world around you.


  • Captures 360-degree videos.
  • Level your horizons automatically.
  • Create panoramas with a single click.


  • No built-in HDR capabilities.
  • The default video is only 1440p.
  • Only submersible to a depth of 5 meters.

GoPro is entering a new era of video recording, offering the Max as its first action camera capable of capturing full 360-degree videos. Capable of capturing spherical video at 5.6K 30fps once stitched, the Max brings out an impressive offering. The Max is also the first GoPro camera to feature a horizon levelling system, so the video you record won’t appear titled or crooked when you watch it back. The GoPro Max has other capabilities, including the ability to capture large 270-degree panoramic images with a single click—ideal for landscapes.

The Max does lack some of the standard features of other GoPro models, such as 4K video. The Max is limited to 1440p and HDR for more vibrant colours and contrast. In addition, the Max is only submersible up to 5 metres underwater. You don’t have to use the Max underwater, though, as the 360-degree shooting makes it the best GoPro for car videos, recording in all directions. If you plan on shooting 360 videos, the Max is your best option. Otherwise, stick to one of our other suggestions for basic video recording.

How we decided: GoPro

has been around for a while, which means selecting the best GoPro took time and research, but we’ve done it so you don’t have to do the same! For all the GoPros we looked at, we considered a number of important factors, including the video quality of each camera, built-in video stabilization, battery life, and overall ruggedness. We then established minimum criteria for selecting the best picks, so whichever option you choose, you’re going to get a great GoPro action camera.

When it came to video quality, we made sure that all the cameras we’ve selected include a recording of at least 1080p, with most of our selections featuring 4K Ultra HD. The only camera on our list that doesn’t have 4K is the GoPro Max, but that’s a result of its 360-degree video recording capabilities. Each camera also features GoPro’s digital video stabilisation for smooth shooting–a necessity on action cameras.

The battery life was also a determining factor when making our choice. Almost every GoPro on our list, minus the Hero5 Session, has a removable battery for quick swapping, so you never miss a bit of the action. Each GoPro will last a minimum of an hour and a maximum of 2 hours on a single battery. Plus, we’ve made sure that each GoPro has a rugged design with a waterproof housing, so you don’t have to worry about taking your camera with you on the go.

The Best GoPro Buyer’s Guide

Image quality When selecting a GoPro camera, image quality should be one of your top priorities. Since the GoPro brand has been around for a while, it is essential to ensure that the device you buy can still record top-quality video. While shopping, keep your eyes peeled for 4K Ultra HD offerings – anything that shoots in just 720p or 1080p is a little outdated right now. In addition, searching for 60fps video recording equipment above 30fps will help to get a smoother video.

Video Stabilization It’s essential to ensure that any action camera, including GoPro’s, offers video stabilization. Due to the rapidly changing conditions in which GoPros are typically used, videos without stabilisation can look shaky and choppy when viewed back. Choose a camera with GoPro’s HyperSmooth technology to ensure you get the ultimate performance.

Battery Life: GoPro’s batteries don’t last an extremely long time, but your choice shouldn’t be too much of a concern as most GoPros have interchangeable batteries, so you can insert a new one when you need to. Keep an eye out for GoPros that don’t offer this feature, as you may be a bit more limited in recording time.

Ruggedness: Your GoPro probably won’t be sitting at home. You can choose to take it with you in snowy or muddy conditions or to dive directly into a lake or other body of water. Make sure to select a modern GoPro that offers a built-in waterproof case; also check the nominal depth if you intend to use it underwater. Most GoPros offer additional outer housings, which can be purchased separately, for deeper dives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which GoPro should I buy in 2022?

In our research, we found the GoPro Hero5 Black to be our best choice. The Hero5 Black is not the latest GoPro option. Still, it boasts a stunning 4K Ultra HD video recording mode in a rugged housing that makes it submersible up to 10 meters, all at a price that makes it hard to hold back when compared to the competition.

Is the GoPro worth buying?

The GoPro brand may be more expensive than some of the competitors currently available, but it continues to deliver excellent video performance. If you’re looking for an option that puts quality above all else, GoPro remains an excellent choice.

Is the GoPro 5 or 7 better?

From a technical standpoint, the GoPro Hero7 offers additional features over the Hero5, but we prefer the Hero7 as our top recommendation because of its excellent value for money. Other features of the Hero 7 include a 4K 60fps mode, hyper-lapse motion time-lapses, and the ability to capture higher quality SuperPhoto images.

Which GoPro is the best?

In our research, the GoPro Hero8 Black comes out on top in its video capabilities thanks to its enhanced HDR capabilities, LiveBurst photo mode, 4K 60fps video mode, and new GoPro Mods for expandability. Once the price is factored into the equation, however, we lean towards the GoPro Hero5 Black for its excellent features at nearly half the price.

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